The X Files: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series, Volume One (Limited Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Mark Snow

The X Files: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series, Volume One (Limited Edition)by Mark Snow

  • 94 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:11:36


Disk #1

1.The X Files - Main Title (Season 1)by Mark Snow0:49
2.Pilot: Scully To DC / Scully Meets Mulderby Mark Snow1:21
3.Pilot: The Close Encounterby Mark Snow2:16
4.Pilot: Scully & F.B.I. Goonby Mark Snow0:35
5.Pilot: F.B.I. Secret Vaultsby Mark Snow1:14
6.Squeeze: Hidden Awayby Mark Snow1:38
7.Squeeze: Slimedby Mark Snow0:41
8.Squeeze: Cuffed And Tubbedby Mark Snow2:16
9.Fallen Angel: On The Waterfront / Suspended Maxby Mark Snow6:11
10.Roland: Sweeperby Mark Snow1:47
11.Roland: Out The Windowby Mark Snow1:29
12.Roland: Ramblin' Rolandby Mark Snow2:05
13.The Erlenmeyer Flask: Green Goo Chaseby Mark Snow2:12
14.The Erlenmeyer Flask: The Wells Brainby Mark Snow5:17
15.Little Green Men: Dead Man's Thoughtsby Mark Snow2:00
16.Little Green Men: Fish Foodby Mark Snow3:15
17.The Host: Two Miles Off Jerseyby Mark Snow2:45
18.The Host: Honey Wagonby Mark Snow2:03
19.The Host: Guillotinedby Mark Snow3:54
20.One Breath: The Returnby Mark Snow1:59
21.One Breath: Uniformsby Mark Snow3:19
22.One Breath: Playersby Mark Snow3:34
23.One Breath: Trust Your Pistolby Mark Snow0:58
24.One Breath: Reanimationby Mark Snow1:32
25.One Breath: Guardian Angelby Mark Snow1:13
26.Anasazi: The Mournby Mark Snow3:20
27.Anasazi: Mercy Woundby Mark Snow4:08
28.Anasazi: Anasaziby Mark Snow8:35
29.The X Files - End Credit (Extended #1)by Mark Snow0:35

Disk #2

1.The X Files - Main Title (Short)by Mark Snow0:37
2.Nisei: Choo Choo Sushiby Mark Snow4:09
3.Nisei: Rail Songby Mark Snow6:42
4.731: Gravesby Mark Snow2:55
5.731: Derailedby Mark Snow11:53
6.Piper Maru: Back In The Hoodby Mark Snow4:51
7.Jose Chung's From Outer Space: Harold & Chrissyby Mark Snow2:28
8.Jose Chung's From Outer Space: Closureby Mark Snow4:45
9.The Field Where I Died: Dim Memoriesby Mark Snow1:06
10.The Field Where I Died: Jonestown Cocktailby Mark Snow6:24
11.Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man: Extra-Ordinary Menby Mark Snow2:09
12.Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man: A Place In Historyby Mark Snow6:04
13.Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man: Respectby Mark Snow1:37
14.Paper Hearts: El Caminoby Mark Snow6:39
15.Paper Hearts: Watergate Heartby Mark Snow2:31
16.Kaddish: Hanging Boyby Mark Snow2:47
17.Kaddish: Spirit Weddingby Mark Snow9:15
18.The X Files - End Credit (Extended Remix)by Mark Snow2:11

Disk #3

1.The X Files - Main Title (Remix - Short)by Mark Snow0:37
2.The Post-Modern Prometheus: JJ's Dinerby Mark Snow1:50
3.The Post-Modern Prometheus: Post-Modern Posseby Mark Snow9:20
4.Christmas Carol: Mother Genesby Mark Snow3:53
5.Emily: Little Box Of Sandby Mark Snow7:37
6.The End: Closureby Mark Snow8:08
7.Triangle: Quest For Swathby Mark Snow8:50
8.Dreamland: Roadblockby Mark Snow1:05
9.Dreamland: Home Sweet Homeby Mark Snow2:14
10.Dreamland: The Imposterby Mark Snow6:31
11.Dreamland II: A Brief History Of Foxby Mark Snow1:27
12.Dreamland II: Number 42by Mark Snow1:56
13.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: House Organ / Irrational Fearby Mark Snow4:40
14.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: Bricksby Mark Snow0:39
15.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: Piano On The Tackby Mark Snow1:28
16.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: Fair Warningby Mark Snow3:03
17.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: Star Crossed Bulletsby Mark Snow3:05
18.How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: A Giftby Mark Snow1:45
19.Two Fathers: The Patriarchby Mark Snow2:23
20.Two Fathers: A Mother's Abductionby Mark Snow3:02
21.One Son: Train Tuneby Mark Snow4:47
22.The X Files - End Credit (Extended #2)by Mark Snow1:31

Disk #4

1.The X Files - Main Title (7th Season)by Mark Snow0:48
2.The Goldberg Variation: Five Cardsby Mark Snow3:09
3.The Sixth Extinction: Sea Of Bloodby Mark Snow5:57
4.The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati: The Martyrby Mark Snow1:29
5.Millennium: The Smell Of Zombiesby Mark Snow5:01
6.Millennium: The End Of The Crusadeby Mark Snow2:18
7.All Things: Watersonby Mark Snow3:13
8.Hollywood A.D.: Sniper Zombiesby Mark Snow3:41
9.Hollywood A.D.: Dancing Bonesby Mark Snow2:18
10.Hollywood A.D.: Hollywoodby Mark Snow1:04
11.Hollywood A.D.: The Kissby Mark Snow1:04
12.Within: Scully's Serenadeby Mark Snow1:37
13.Without: Hide & Seekby Mark Snow2:03
14.This Is Not Happening: Starspeakby Mark Snow2:58
15.This Is Not Happening: Hidden Truths / Big Happeningby Mark Snow3:22
16.Jump The Shark: Triangleby Mark Snow0:41
17.Jump The Shark: Weird Organsby Mark Snow2:01
18.Jump The Shark: Lone Gunmen Requiemby Mark Snow8:13
19.Release: The Tipby Mark Snow2:33
20.Release: A Synopsis & Releaseby Mark Snow5:38
21.The Truth, Part 1: Mount Weatherby Mark Snow6:32
22.The Truth, Part 2: Scary Story / For Whom The Smoke Blowsby Mark Snow7:26
23.The Truth, Part 2: The Truth Is Insideby Mark Snow3:01
24.The X Files - Main Title (Remix)by Mark Snow3:25
25.I Made This / 20th Century Fox Fanfare [Alfred Newman]by Mark Snow0:09