The X Files: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series, Volume Three (Limited Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Mark Snow

The X Files: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series, Volume Three (Limited Edition)by Mark Snow

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:11:30


Disk #1

1.The X-Files First Season Main Titleby Mark Snow0:49
2.Deep Throat: UFO Kidsby Mark Snow2:17
3.Deep Throat: UFO Technologyby Mark Snow2:17
4.Deep Throat: Confrontationby Mark Snow2:11
5.Deep Throat: Trek To Yellow Baseby Mark Snow2:55
6.Deep Throat: Eye Pokeby Mark Snow1:08
7.Deep Throat: Transfer And Releaseby Mark Snow3:30
8.Conduit: Shaky Groundby Mark Snow2:15
9.Conduit: Weather Balloonsby Mark Snow1:02
10.Conduit: Kevin, The NSA Menaceby Mark Snow2:01
11.Conduit: Switching Channels / Decipheringby Mark Snow1:14
12.Conduit: Shallow Graveby Mark Snow2:06
13.Conduit: Another X-Fileby Mark Snow1:53
14.Space: The Young Col. Beltby Mark Snow1:25
15.Space: Lift Offby Mark Snow4:02
16.Space: Car Crashby Mark Snow1:00
17.Space: Digital Data Banksby Mark Snow2:11
18.Space: Aerial Burialby Mark Snow1:21
19.Gender Bender: Sex Killsby Mark Snow1:34
20.Gender Bender: Arrival In Townby Mark Snow1:20
21.Gender Bender: Intro To Kindred, Part 2by Mark Snow3:27
22.Gender Bender: Finding Kindredby Mark Snow3:26
23.Gender Bender: I Called Him Martyby Mark Snow2:14
24.Gender Bender: Indian Prince-(Ss)by Mark Snow2:06
25.Sleepless: Fire In The Mindby Mark Snow2:54
26.Sleepless: A Call To Autopsyby Mark Snow1:24
27.Sleepless: Meet The New Throatby Mark Snow4:04
28.Sleepless: Top Secret Eyesby Mark Snow2:24
29.Sleepless: Spy Boyby Mark Snow1:29
30."3": Bloody Jacuzziby Mark Snow2:48
31."3": Old Filesby Mark Snow3:08
32."3": Blood In The Loafby Mark Snow4:27
33."3": Protectorby Mark Snow5:24
34."3": Just Ashes And Bonesby Mark Snow0:26

Disk #2

1.Small Potatoes: Alienessby Mark Snow1:16
2.Small Potatoes: Light Sabreby Mark Snow1:10
3.Small Potatoes: Obie Gynby Mark Snow1:15
4.Small Potatoes: Sugar Patootieby Mark Snow4:24
5.Small Potatoes: Identity Crisisby Mark Snow3:49
6.Small Potatoes: Potato Vaultby Mark Snow0:42
7.Small Potatoes: Perk Prisonerby Mark Snow0:47
8.Small Potatoes: Muggingby Mark Snow4:02
9.Small Potatoes: Ain't No Eddieby Mark Snow1:00
10.El Mundo Gira: Sulphur Waterby Mark Snow3:49
11.El Mundo Gira: Killer Enzymeby Mark Snow3:04
12.El Mundo Gira: Fungi Manby Mark Snow6:34
13.El Mundo Gira: El Quasicabra!by Mark Snow7:09
14.Fearful Symmetry: Pachydermby Mark Snow2:35
15.Fearful Symmetry: Cat Foodby Mark Snow3:43
16.Fearful Symmetry: Tiger Walkby Mark Snow3:28
17.Fearful Symmetry: Crushedby Mark Snow2:44
18.The Pine Bluff Variant: Jogby Mark Snow4:25
19.Field Trip: Fungus Among Usby Mark Snow2:27
20.Field Trip: Swamp Oozeby Mark Snow3:10
21.Field Trip: Dream Timeby Mark Snow9:46
22.Field Trip: Still Undergroundby Mark Snow1:55
23.Field Trip: Migraine Mushroomby Mark Snow4:04

Disk #3

1.Bad Blood: Stake In The Heart / Main Titleby Mark Snow2:20
2.Bad Blood: Can Kickin' / Ticket / Exuberantby Mark Snow1:57
3.Bad Blood: Mushroomsby Mark Snow3:07
4.Bad Blood: Fangsby Mark Snow1:33
5.Bad Blood: Rolling Acresby Mark Snow2:42
6.Bad Blood: Vibro-Pizzaby Mark Snow4:06
7.Bad Blood: Living Deadby Mark Snow4:45
8.Unusual Suspects: Fell's Pointby Mark Snow2:39
9.Unusual Suspects: Hacklandby Mark Snow1:51
10.Unusual Suspects: Holly Sugarby Mark Snow3:07
11.Unusual Suspects: Molar Wireby Mark Snow3:31
12.Unusual Suspects: Cleanersby Mark Snow4:15
13.Unusual Suspects: The Truth Isby Mark Snow4:14
14.Detour: Bush Monsterby Mark Snow2:17
15.Detour: Trail Of Stolen Pebblesby Mark Snow4:28
16.Detour: Forest Fridgeby Mark Snow5:32
17.Patient X: Barbecue Ludiby Mark Snow3:06
18.Patient X: Malchikby Mark Snow2:53
19.Patient X: The Krycek Dietby Mark Snow3:15
20.Patient X: Skyland Barbecueby Mark Snow4:40
21.Patient X: Les Saboteursby Mark Snow6:07
22.Patient X: Bridge Of Sighsby Mark Snow5:33

Disk #4

1.Drive: Special Reportby Mark Snow0:11
2.Drive: Road Rageby Mark Snow2:00
3.Drive: Head Blowby Mark Snow4:24
4.Drive: Hijackby Mark Snow4:09
5.Drive: Westward Hoby Mark Snow3:56
6.Drive: Inner Earby Mark Snow10:02
7.Drive: ELF Waveby Mark Snow5:58
8.Drive: Manure Pilesby Mark Snow1:24
9.Essence: Recapby Mark Snow0:54
10.Essence: Parenti's Showroomby Mark Snow4:20
11.Essence: Billy The Terminatorby Mark Snow5:14
12.Essence: Head Bagby Mark Snow2:19
13.Essence: Vitaminsby Mark Snow3:17
14.Essence: Lizzy's Laboursby Mark Snow6:13
15.Essence: Compactedby Mark Snow4:21
16.Trust No 1: Computer Labby Mark Snow1:44
17.Trust No 1: Spies Like Usby Mark Snow2:34
18.Trust No 1: Puppet Masterby Mark Snow9:13
19.Trust No 1: Jumper / Scully's Serenadeby Mark Snow5:12
20.The X-Files: 1st Season End Creditsby Mark Snow0:28
21.I Made This / 20th Century Fox Fanfare [Alfred Newman]by Mark Snow0:09