Theme + Echo = Krill mp3 Album by The Legion

Theme + Echo = Krillby The Legion

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:08


1.Enter the Realm0:48
2.Jingle Jangle4:43
3.Buddah Break1:22
4.Legion Groove3:12
5.Back in the Days1:36
6.Step to the Stage4:12
7.Makin' Noise (feat. Dennis "3D" Scott)4:16
8.Krill Ill5:12
10.Zootie Bang4:42
11.Once Upon a Time4:33
12.I Like the Way It's Goin' Down4:18
13.Bring It4:45
14.It's Thorough4:02
15.Who's It On, Part 15:00
16.Who's It On, Part 24:31
17.The Word Nigga1:40
18.New Niggas4:23
19.The Truth2:47
20.Rest in Peace5:51

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