This Is What You Learned mp3 Album by Really From

This Is What You Learnedby Really From

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:13


1.Kneeplay 1: "Do you know jazz?"1:14
3.A song about white supremacy4:52
4.Kneeplay 2: "Lilac and Linwood."1:43
5.Everything Matters!3:22
6.Kneeplay 3: "This apple is really depressed."2:00
7.The Act of Falling3:18
9.Kneeplay 4: "Don't date in your early twenties."1:35
10.The upstairs and downstairs don't exist anymore5:43
11.Kneeplay 5: "Forever Left-Eye."1:10
12.Your Third Act4:31
13.Kneeplay 6: "She didn't even like jazz."0:55

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