Thoughts Of Yesterday 1981-1982 (Re-Issue) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thoughts Of Yesterday 1981-1982 (Re-Issue)by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:29


1.Peace Thru' Powerby T.S.O.L.1:56
2.Property Is Theftby T.S.O.L.1:28
3.Word Isby T.S.O.L.2:35
4.Abolish Government / Silent Majorityby T.S.O.L.2:00
5.Weathered Statuesby T.S.O.L.3:12
6.Thoughts of Yesterdayby T.S.O.L.2:38
7.Superficial Loveby T.S.O.L.1:21
8.Man and Machineby T.S.O.L.1:39
9.No Way Outby T.S.O.L.1:13
10.World War IIIby T.S.O.L.1:53
11.The Apartmentby Tender Fury2:25
12.Talk About Livingby Tender Fury3:46
13.Big E's Night-Movieby Tender Fury2:18
14.Statutory Storyby Tender Fury2:35
15.Kill Cindyby Tender Fury3:17
16.What We Gotby Tender Fury2:36
17.Running Around Againby Tender Fury2:37
18.Let It Goby Tender Fury3:38
19.Mercy Rideby Tender Fury3:36
20.Look Back in Angerby Tender Fury3:46