Thunderdome (Black) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome (Black)by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:24:32


Disk #1

1.Battle Fieldby DJ Niel5:09
2.Enemy on the Runby Catscan5:04
3.Church of Pentagramby Armageddon Project3:08
4.Dimension of the Doomedby Frozen & Dr. Macabre5:43
5.Entering the Unknownby E Man4:32
6.Mysteryland '00by Noize Suppressor4:18
7.Virgin Territory (feat. DJ Promo)by Catscan5:22
8.Armageddon Styleby Armageddon Project3:35
9.Intruderby Marc Acardipane4:37
10.Enhence Nerviousby N-Vitral4:15
11.Metal Man (feat. The Horrorist)by Marc Acardipane3:44
12.Finishing Profilesby Catscan4:40
13.My Recipe for Disasterby Promo4:18
14.The Coreby Endymion6:28
15.Phase 2by Armageddon Project4:03
16.The Signalby The DJ Producer3:51

Disk #2

1.The Intro (Xtinction)by Evil Activities2:14
2.My Underground Madnessby Promo5:28
3.Let's Get Them Allby Hard Creation5:10
4.Capture in Distressby Catscan3:56
5.X-Tinctionby Evil Activities4:04
6.My Ballz in Yer Mouthby Neophyte5:24
7.Hurricane Brainby Promo4:02
8.Separated Worldby Korsakoff4:50
9.Streetknowledgeby DJ Kristof & DJ Niel3:26
10.Ariseby Da Bulldozer Project4:26
11.My Brainby Delta 93:55
12.Experiments of Human Natureby Nosferatu3:42
13.Out There (Z-Vago & Outblast remix)by The D.O.C.4:27
14.Nuclear Hardcoreby Bass-D & King Matthew3:50
15.Bullet From My Gunby Promo5:00
16.Respect the Cockby Pino d'Ambini & T-Wisted2:37
17.Power to Forgetby Endymion5:14