Thunderdome, Chapter XXI mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome, Chapter XXIby Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:32:52


Disk #1

1.Killing Scumby The Masochist3:53
2.Braincrackingby Neophyte4:23
3.Wir woll'n die Tschabosby Tschabos3:34
4.Kick Up the Volume (Play It Loud)by Black Night4:23
5.Partyman (with King Matthew vs. Beasty Boy & Da VInci)by Bass-D3:26
6.Madman (remix)by The Mindcrimers2:34
7.Da Pump (Oldskool mix)by Da Tekno Warriors3:58
8.My Style (Freestyle mix) (vs. The VInyl Junk)by Cixx3:42
9.Qfacterrorby The Prophet3:02
10.Checkin' the Cutzby DJ Dione4:02
11.Mosquito (DJ Paul's Oldskool mix)by Maurizio Braccagni4:42
12.Lost Mindsby Hardcore Brothers3:51
13.Mindblowerby 3 Steps Ahead3:53
14.The Funky Grooveby E-Rick & Tactic3:53
15.Slamby Nasty Django4:15
16.State of Emergencyby DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob2:56
17.Beat Ya Brain Againby Promo4:34
18.If Kidz Are Unitedby DJ Paul & Teenage Warning3:36
19.Power of Flowerby Miss Flower3:18
20.Dropping Bombsby Shadowlands Terrorists5:12

Disk #2

1.Methodz of Madnessby Brian Acardy4:40
2.Face Off (vs. Wax & B-ernd)by DJ Sim4:02
3.Stomp (feat. The Prophet)by 25% of the Dreamteam3:41
4.Millenium (feat. Buzz Fuzz)by 25% of the Dreamteam4:54
5.In Your Face (vs. DJ Perpetrator)by Attic & Stylzz3:26
6.Here We Go Again (feat. MC VIolence)by Impulse Factory3:59
7.A New Dayby Dennis M.3:34
8.6.48 Min. to D'spyreby D-spyre3:37 The Masochist3:25
10.Da Baddest Mothafuckby E-Rick & Tactic3:20
11.Real Hardcoreby Neophyte4:37
12.How Shall I (with King Matthew vs. Beasty Boy & Da VInci)by Bass-D4:18
13.Bass Powerby Promo & DJ Delirium2:51
14.Make 'm Danceby Sound Enhancers3:50
15.Sweet Dreams (You Bastard) (feat. DJ Waxweazle)by The Headbanger4:02
16.Start the Beatby DJ Isaac3:20
17.We Have Arrived (Darrien Kelly's '98 Re-take)by Mescalinum United4:18
18.Totally Lost Itby DJ Arjuna3:08
19.We Can Play It Pretty Hardby MC Drokz & DJ Tails3:31
20.Pull the Trigger (Temper Tantrum mix)by 3 Da Hard Way3:12