Thunderdome IV: The Devil's Last Wish mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome IV: The Devil's Last Wishby Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:57


Disk #1

1.Noise Is the Message (remix)by Hardsequencer3:43
2.Silke (The Speedfreak remix)by Ilsa Gold4:22
3.Tutti Frutti (Rotterdam mix)by Commotion4:02
4.Tiroler Kaboemschby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo3:20
5.Help Germanyby Car & Driver4:13
6.The Place to Beby RMB3:57
7.Summerby Sorcerer2:50
8.Weekendby NIP Collective3:50
9.SGE (1st Mob mix)by Nasty Django4:17
10.10 Seconds to Terminate (live)by Casseopaya3:26
11.Zimbocultureby E-De-Cologne3:55
12.Red Poison, Part 1by The Speed Freak4:40
13.Rave Cityby Yves Deruyter4:48
14.Demilitarized Zoneby DJ Bountyhunter3:49
15.Ein bisschen Friedenby E-De-Cologne4:12
16.Fuckin hostile (vs. DJ Edge)by Lenny Dee5:51
17.Red Poison, Part 3by The Speed Freak4:35
18.Madness (edit)by Omar Santana3:49
19.Blood of an English Muffin (M. Steenbergen mix)by English Muffin4:06

Disk #2

1.Welcome to the Thunderdomeby DJ Dano4:30
2.Party Childrenby The Prophet4:43
3.A Night in Bostonby Ferry Salee5:20
4.Spirits of Soulby The Prophet6:42
5.100% Effectiveby Buzz Fuzz4:58
6.About Usby DJ Dano5:23
7.The Dreamthemeby The Prophet6:07
8.D-Leriaby Buzz Fuzz6:49
9.Monological Destructionby Ferry Salee6:48
10.Marsh Mellowby DJ Dano4:58
11.Yvetteby Buzz Fuzz4:41
12.The End of the Beginningby Ferry Salee5:06
13.Live in Tilburg! Team Spiritby The Dreamteam4:07

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