Thunderdome: The Essential '92-'99 Collection mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: The Essential '92-'99 Collectionby Various Artists

  • 84 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:36:14


Disk #1

1.We Have Arrived (original mix)by Mescalinum United3:19
2.Testby Overdub3:28
3.The Blood of an English Muffinby English Muffin3:09
4.For You Marlene (New Deutschland version)by Rexanthony3:40
5.I'm Not a Numberby Source Code3:23
6.I'm the Fuck You Manby Wedlock2:44
7.Something Bigby They Live Long2:57
8.9 Is a Classic (Ultimate Rave mix)by Ace the Space3:51
9.Boy's Interface (Uh... mix)by DJ Rob1:57
10.Hysteriaby Joe Inferno2:49
11.Bonzai Channel Oneby Thunderball3:27
12.Way Aahby Hard Attack2:48
13.La Onda (La Onda De Einstein mix)by Kuadra3:30
14.The World of the LSD-Userby Juggernaut2:49
15.Soby The Nightraver3:09
16.The First Rebirthby Jones & Stephenson3:24
17.El Punto Finalby Final Analyzis3:08
18.Fascinationby Citrus3:27
19.Fuckin' Hostile (remixed by Disintegrator)by Fuckin Hostile2:54
20.D-Leriaby Buzz Fuzz3:06
21.Welcome to the Thunderdomeby DJ Dano2:52
22.Dominatin'by The Prophet2:32

Disk #2

1.Brain Crashby Hardsequencer2:43
2.Mind of a Lunaticby Predator2:23
3.Pitch-Hikerby Pilldriver3:45
4.The Passion (Mokum mix)by Technohead2:45
5.Korreckte Atmosphaereby Smash2:06
6.The Deadline (Final mix)by Joyrider3:13
7.The Hunterby Manga Corps2:32
8.Slaves to the Rave (PCP mix)by Inferno Bros.4:14
9.Here We Go Againby Vanugenth the 5th2:23
10.French Connection (original mix)by French Connection4:05
11.Geleihoofdby Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown3:07
12.Frequencies (original XS 4 All mix)by Buzz Fuzz3:24
13.Jesus Wordsby Baba Nation3:02
14.Drop It (original mix)by 3 Steps Ahead3:37
15.Poltergeistby Dr. Macabre3:00
16.Jiiieehaaaaby Diss Reaction3:08
17.XTC Love (original mix)by Bertocucci Feranzano3:17
18.6 Million Ways to Dieby Turbulence2:40
19.Name of the DJ (original mix)by Chosen Few2:56
20.Hey! (Buzzy's Ragga mix)by Tony Salmonelli3:02
21.The Number One Contenderby Technohead3:39
22.The Thundertheme (original mix)by 50% of the Dreamteam2:54

Disk #3

1.Shoot That Motherfuck (Raising Hell mix)by DJ Arjuna & Beyonder3:44
2.Flesh Is the Feverby The Horrorist3:15
3.OK Alright! (Digital Boy '96 remix)by D-Boy3:01
4.Get This Motherfucker (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte3:18
5.Up & Down Ballz (original mix)by Pino d'Ambini3:01
6.The Horrorby Rotterdam Terror Corps4:05
7.Intelligent Hardcoreby The Dark Raver & DJ Vince3:31
8.Yes, Noby Leviathan3:52
9.The Futureby Nosferatu2:58
10.Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter)by Tschabos3:55
11.Party Rico!by The Stunned Guys2:44
12.Heartbeatby Ectomorph3:37
13.Always Hardcore (original mix)by Bodylotion3:06
14.Do It Again (feat. Beasty Boy)by Pino d'Ambini3:49
15.You're Dealing Withby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:24
16.Hardcore Hijacked Meby Wayward2:08
17.Hardcore Slamby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:36
18.The Undergroundby X-Factor2:56
19.Hardcore to da Boneby Masters of Ceremony3:07
20.Jealousy (Is a Motherf#cker) (Buzz Fuzz original mix)by Buzz Fuzz4:10

Disk #4

1.Bass Machineby E-Man3:33
2.Killing Scum (DJ Promo Meets Shaolin remix)by The Masochist3:33
3.Rattlebrain (DJ Isaac's Overdrive mix)by Razzle Dazzle Trax3:15
4.Can You Hear the Soundby The Horrorist3:15
5.Sweet Dreams You Bastardby The Headbanger3:49
6.Thrillseeka (vs. DJ Paul feat. MC Ruffian)by The Stunned Guys3:43
7.Apocalypse Neverby Pilldriver4:31
8.No New Styleby The Masochist3:23
9.Broaden Our Mindsby Promo3:16
10.Bring the Pain (meets Attic & Stylzz)by G-Town Madness3:12
11.Shiningby Miro3:52
12.Cloud 9by 3 Steps Ahead3:18
13.The People Want Moreby Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC3:22
14.The Legacy Continues (meets Attic & Stylzz)by G-Town Madness3:06
15.Vicious Circleby DJ X-Ess & Promo3:35
16.Painby Men of Steel4:00
17.The Hustleby Mad-E-Fact3:52
18.Emotions Over Angerby Promo3:59
19.Real Hardcoreby Neophyte3:09
20.Army of Hardcore (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte4:56

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