Time Killaz / Gimme Love (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by The Realist

Time Killaz / Gimme Love (Limited Edition)by The Realist

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:52


1.Rhyme Iz2:48
2.(Down) Through The Years3:01
3.Audio Visual2:27
4.Great Poets3:45
5.Friday Nite 22:01
7.God Don't Like Ugly3:10
8.This Life4:09
9.Now Days1:32
10.Viable Lifestyle3:34
11.Where? (Royalty Check)3:38
12.420 (Keep Doin It)3:39
13.Whatcha Need (Live)2:36
14.Gimme Love (Buy My Tape)2:55
15.Slick Mike (Back On The Streets)2:52
16.Gimme Love (Buy My Dub)2:55
17.The Realist Theme3:13
18.Beat Heaven1:56
19.Can I Get Mines3:15
20.It's Working4:00
21.Path Finder4:12