Tiny Tim's America & Solo Tape mp3 Artist Compilation by Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim's America & Solo Tapeby Tiny Tim

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:28:29


Disk #1

1.Intro/O' Brien Is Tryin' To Learn to Talk Hawaiian2:46
2.My Rose of Waikiki4:09
3.If The World Don't Treat You Right, Come Home1:56
4.I Get Dippy When I Do That Two-Step Dance1:37
5.Yours Is Not The Only Aching Heart2:10
6.The Leader Of The German Band1:49
7.I'm Looking For A Sweetheart (And I Think You'll Do)2:20
8.So What's The Use?2:03
9.What Might Have Been1:56
10.Heinie Waltzed 'Round On His Hickory Limb2:10
11.That Railroad Rag1:43
12.Are You Sincere?1:23
13.Pucker Up Your Lips Miss Lindy2:06
14.Under The Matzo Tree2:16
15.Medley: Ev'ry Ship Will Find A Harbor/When Shadows Fall4:42

Disk #2

1.Intro (Tiny Tim Solo)0:53
2.O'Brien Is Tryin' To Learn To Talk Hawaiian (Tiny Tim Solo)2:26
3.My Rose Of Waikiki (Tiny Tim Solo)4:08
4.If The World Don't Treat You Right, Come Home (Tiny Tim Solo)1:57
5.Under Any Old Flag At All (Tiny Tim Solo)2:01
6.What Might Have Been (Tiny Tim Solo)1:57
7.A Lemon In The Garden Of Love (Tiny Tim Solo)2:10
8.The Leader Of The German Band (Tiny Tim Solo)1:39
9.Under The Matzo Tree (A Ghetto Love Song) (Tiny Tim Solo)1:54
10.That's Gratitude (Tiny Tim Solo)1:46
11.Are You Sincere (Tiny Tim Solo)1:25
12.So What's The Use? (Tiny Tim Solo)2:05
13.I'm Looking For A Sweetheart (And I Think You'll Do) (Tiny Tim Solo)2:14
14.Yours Is Not The Only Aching Heart (Tiny Tim Solo)2:16
15.When Highland Mary Did The Highland Fling (Tiny Tim Solo)1:52
16.Robinson Crusoe's Isle (Tiny Tim Solo)1:55
17.Pucker Up Your Lips Miss Lindy (Tiny Tim Solo)2:04
18.That Railroad Rag (Tiny Tim Solo)1:40
19.If Washington Should Come To Life (Tiny Tim Solo)1:56
20.Heinie Waltzed 'Round On His Hickory Limb (Tiny Tim Solo)2:10
21.I Get Dippy When I Do That Two-Step Dance (Tiny Tim Solo)1:36
22.Honey Boy (Tiny Tim Solo)1:46
23.Sweet Italian Love (Tiny Tim Solo)2:09
24.When They're Old Enough To Know Better (It's Better To Leave Them Alone) (Tiny Tim Solo)2:48
25.Ev'ry Ship Will Find A Harbor (Tiny Tim Solo)1:51
26.When Shadows Falls (Tiny Tim Solo)2:41
27.End of Side Two (Tiny Tim Solo)0:04