To Speak, To Listen (Instrumental) mp3 Album by Eidola

To Speak, To Listen (Instrumental)by Eidola

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:54


1.The Abstract of a Planet in Resolve (instrumental)2:39
2.Tetelestai (instrumental)5:06
3.Primitive Economics (instrumental)3:43
4.Querents (instrumental)4:08
5.Amplissimus Machina (instrumental)4:06
6.Loti (instrumental)4:58
7.Dendrochronology (instrumental)5:06
8.The Familiar (instrumental)3:28
9.Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild (instrumental)3:41
10.Sri Vishnu Yantra (instrumental)6:06
11.Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian (instrumental)4:17
12.Transcendentium Part II: Fourth Temple4:36