Tommy (Remastered) mp3 Album by The Wedding Present
  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:32:49


Disk #1

1.Go Out and Get 'em Boy!4:11
2.(The Moment Before) Everything's Spoiled Again3:20
3.Once More3:14
4.At the Edge of the Sea2:40
5.Living and Learning2:52
6.This Boy Can Wait4:02
7.You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends3:01
9.What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?3:46
10.Never Said2:37
11.Every Mother's Son1:37
12.My Favourite Dress4:17
13.Living and Learning (alternate version)2:41
14.You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends (alternate version)2:59
15.Living and Learning (Raging Sun compilation version)3:05
16.You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends (Ideal Guest House compilation version)3:02
17.Go Out and Get 'em Boy! (live)3:44

Disk #2

1.My Favourite Dress (Andy Kershaw session)4:15
2.At the Edge of the Sea (Andy Kershaw session)2:28
3.Once More (Andy Kershaw session)3:18
4.Living and Learning (Andy Kershaw session)2:56
5.This Boy Can Wait (John Peel session)3:23
6.Felicity (John Peel session)2:19
7.What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (John Peel session)3:46
8.You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (John Peel session)3:04
9.Shatner (Evening Show session)2:00
10.My Favourite Dress (Evening Show session)4:09
11.I Found That Essence Rare (Evening Show session)2:34
12.Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft (Evening Show session)3:43
13.All About Eve (John Peel session)2:08
14.Don't Laugh (John Peel session)2:51
15.Never Said (John Peel session)2:40
16.Don't Be So Hard (John Peel session)2:39
17.Hopak (John Peel session)1:28

Disk #3

1.This Boy Can Wait (live)3:30
2.Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft (live)4:06
3.All This and More (live)2:43
4.A Million Miles (live)3:31
5.You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends (live)3:34
6.Anyone Can Make a Mistake (live)4:03
7.Something and Nothing (live)3:26
8.It's What You Want That Matters (live)2:45
9.My Favourite Dress (live)4:34
10.Never Said (live)4:03
11.Give My Love to Kevin (live)2:38
12.Go Out and Get 'em Boy! (live)4:47
13.Getting Nowhere Fast (live)2:47
14.Once More (live)3:14