Tour De Traum XII mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Tour De Traum XIIby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:37:41


1.Keithby Jake Chudnow4:51
2.Ametistby Anders Rosengren8:03
3.Mono no awareL'esprit de l'escalier (Extrawelt Tool 3002) (and The Lonely Robot)by Mario Hammer7:18
4.Daradaraby Pysh6:27
5.Christineby Øro5:09
6.Sunby Lesničar6:28
7.Looking Overby Dan Baber8:07
8.You (Youuuu)by Shewasasea7:28
9.Frozen Receptorsby Dovim7:58
10.Brainfeed (and Anturage)by Saccao5:46
11.And Thus the Flow Will Never Stopby Unfug8:13
12.Shadowgraphby Olaf Stuut7:16
13.The (W)hole That Is Not Whole Without Youby Benwaa7:17
14.Generative Dialogueby Hassan Abou Alam4:01
15.Transferfrequenzby Riamiwo7:31
16.Culmby Graumann7:20
17.Fliegenby Kai Meyer9:33
18.Setnaby Audio Mill7:51
19.Unechte Wendeltreppeby Dominik Eulberg7:56
20.Smokesby Nick Dow5:50
21.Follow Her (Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot remix)by Groj5:37
22.Ground Controlby 6A87:23
23.Metamorphby Occam8:59
24.Surrounded by Texturesby L.a.s.h.a5:40
25.Digital Futureby DVKA8:50
26.Inner Dirtby Le Tarsier4:28
27.Invisibiliaby Draso7:14
28.New Eraby Safado7:27
29.Harmonia (and Microtrauma)by Ryan Davis7:29
30.Sansula (Max Cooper's "Lost in Sound mix")by Dominik Eulberg8:06
31.Emeby Soma4:55
32.Wetherbyby Padre4:50
33.Soziopathby Sképson8:27
34.Take You Thereby Talal & Zoi7:13
35.Kleinste Teilchenby Hannes Rasmus7:53
36.Vision (and Luca Cudrano)by Stefano Secci8:19
37.Otro Ayerby Luis Junior7:55
38.Dalmatiansby Microesfera6:24
39.Make Feelby Kurtz6:28
40.Violet Downtripby hajoso6:42
41.Gamlaby Mr. Dello6:52
42.Shmigglewiggsby Luke Mandala6:19
43.Abgehn (and Luc Angenehm)by Deep Suite7:45
44.Submersionby youANDme4:43
45.Pilotby NIKKNAME4:30
46.Tour de Traum XII, Pt. 1by Various Artists2:28:14
47.Tour de Traum XII, Pt. 2by Various Artists1:58:36