Tour De Traum XIII mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Tour De Traum XIIIby Various Artists

  • 54 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 11:38:19


1.World Is Roundby Groj6:58
2.Expectationsby Dan Baber7:35
3.Taubenblutby Dominik Eulberg8:48
4.Calendula (Ryan Davis Redesign) (and Microtrauma)by Ryan Davis7:55
5.Commutateurby Hernan Cerbello4:02
6.Drastic Measuresby Hassan Abou Alam7:00
7.Glory Wayby Franz Alice Stern7:58
8.Eternal Loveby Koelle7:23
9.Helicopter on Marsby Villa8:05
10.New Heavens & New Earth (and Fabrik Way)by Cosma Castiglia8:50
11.Resignby Ian Max Mauch5:09
12.Moments of Clarityby Abbott Street Collective6:17
13.Westwindby Janosch Marek5:21
14.Electribeby Men-D7:08
15.Dirijoby Kommodo7:22
16.Pelagiaby OVC7:29
17.Makarattaby Dovim8:28
18.Tonicby Mark Kunoff6:02
19.Siamese Twinsby Trashlagoon5:41
20.Hiloby We Need Cracks8:10
21.Appletree (and Daniel Mes)by Mitja7:20
22.Tunnel Visionby Rauschhaus6:15
23.Skywalkerby Anham6:41
24.SirimiriHammersche Modularverschaltung (and The Lonely Robot)by Mario Hammer9:03
25.Eule (and Lxuii)by Shahin7:56
26.Proud Riseby Bryan Matthz8:15
27.Vigorby Ariose8:20
28.Perceptionby The Natural7:31
29.Feeling Like I Can't Breathby Do Shock Booze7:48
30.Dance the Night Rightby Calm Chor7:22
31.Night Woodby GeoGeniK4:35
32.Debrisby Unfug6:43
33.Arctic Monkby Shewasasea7:17
34.Belladoneby Hugo Heynard6:29
35.Current (feat. Marton Harvest)by sine sleeper5:30
36.Drowned in Youby Ben Haviour6:29
37.Smugglers Caveby Nick Dow7:34
38.Fallen (with Terence C & f.a.f.a.u)by Idham8:03
39.Nothing to Sayby Oddvar7:48
40.Seamless Figuresby Sonus Populi4:29
41.Tonatiuhby Anders Rosengren8:48
42.Der Weg ist zu vielby Gabs7:50
43.Dotted Trainby Occam7:28
44.Where Are You? (Aparde remix)by Robert Babicz8:00
45.Auge (and Thore Pfeiffer)by Max Würden5:05
46.Les Bretonniarres (with Mario Hammer & The Lonely Robot)by Irène Drésel8:12
47.Sonceby Vigil Coma6:45
48.Year Bookby Giddyhead8:02
49.Arbitrary Allianceby Fritsch6:24
50.Wall Cityby Robert Babicz3:28
51.Second Valleyby Joe Miller6:25
52.Memorialby Lambert Windges7:08
53.Tour de Traum XIII, Pt. 1 (continuous mix)by Various Artists2:26:43
54.Tour de Traum XIII, Pt. 2 (continuous mix)by Various Artists3:04:52