Trance In My Body, Vol. 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trance In My Body, Vol. 5by Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:05:46


1.Lemon Tree (Johann Stone Remix)by Marcel Woods6:23
2.Ocean Lovers (Original Mix) (and Ken-Gee)by Ryoji Takahashi6:17
3.Nemesis (Original Mix)by Van Cosmic6:39
4.Flash (M.I.K.E. Push Transcental Remix)by Johan Gielen7:01
5.Madagascar (Kumara Remix (Remastered 2009))by Art of Trance6:23
6.Fusillade (Original Mix) (vs Ronald De Foe)by Philip Mayer5:20
7.We Only Live Once (Oliver Imseng Remix) (and Miethig)by Fisher7:02
8.Right Here (Original Mix) (and Betsie Larkin)by Airscape6:40
9.The Frozen World (Original Mix)by I5land7:24
10.Passion (Con Phillips Remix)by Mosahar7:31
11.Green Wolf (Original Mix) (and Ricky Loo)by Victor Valverde7:32
12.Jerusalem (Original Mix)by Alex Trouble7:21
13.Doomsday (Original Mix)by Tim Besamusca6:06
14.It's My Life (Original Mix) (and Casus feat. Elina Milan)by Fortuna6:22
15.Back from Paradise (Original Mix) (pres. Henix-R)by DJ Madwave7:04
16.Appearance (Original Mix)by Cybernetic7:39
17.Higher Emotions (DJ Myde Remix) (and Myde)by Emanuele Braveri8:10
18.Turkish Bizarre (DBA Remix) (and POB)by Art of Trance7:48
19.Kissing Her Tears (Original Mix)by Dirkie Coetzee6:58
20.Forever You Are Mine (Original Mix)by Etania6:45
21.So Alive (Thomas Kelle & Martin Juha Remix)by LakiStrike6:36
22.Love Lifts Me Up (Dub Mix)by Elysha5:38
23.Aquarius (Original Mix)by Daniel Rusher8:17
24.Imagine (Ian Buff Remix) (and Dreamquest)by Jason van Wyk10:20
25.Ancient Queen (Original Mix)by Mariano Ballejos6:55
26.Never Surrender (Original Mix)by Madison5:57
27.Cyclamen (Original Mix) (and Martin Juha)by Thomas Kelle4:30
28.Freedom (Navid N2M Big Room Remix)by Navid N2M6:33
29.Want U (Max Savietto Remix) (feat. Lenka Brazda)by LCK6:40
30.Do You Hear Me Now (Classified Project Remix)by Indiana9:48
31.Battery (Original Mix)by Physical Dreams8:04
32.Nibiru (Original Mix)by Luis de Poda6:27
33.Strongest Poison (Tom Larusso Oldschool Remix)by Withard6:06
34.Different (Original Mix) (feat. Crystal Blakk)by Andy Cain8:45
35.My Circunstancy (Original Mix)by Mix4Tranc36:45