Trance Is Back 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trance Is Back 2017by Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:44:46


1.Future Is Now (Tribute To AFP 2016)by Alexx Rave6:04
2.Antarctica (Christian Peter Stier Remix)by Purecloud59:06
3.Magrathea (Original Mix)by Alexx Rave6:13
4.Let's Make A Bet (Original Mix) (and Fluxxy)by Alexx Rave6:40
5.Let It Go (Original Mix)by BISH6:20
6.Antarctica (Proof Of Principle Remix)by Purecloud56:21
7.Artemis (Original Mix)by FK7:31
8.Konga (Original Mix)by LADRAO3:02
9.Voyage (Original Mix)by Osayd Project7:54
10.The Ultimate Dream (Original Mix)by Plazmatron6:22
11.Antarctica (Toshihiro Remix)by Purecloud55:55
12.Atmosphere (Original Mix)by Purecloud54:43
13.Endurance (B.Exp Remix)by Alexx Rave5:35
14.Clear Sky (Original Mix)by Purecloud56:25
15.Can You See This (Original Mix)by Purecloud55:51
16.Destiny (Extended Mix)by Purecloud57:53
17.It's Not Too Late (Extended Mix)by Purecloud57:48
18.Skiner (Original Mix)by Simon Ice6:09
19.Mystery Time (Extended Mix)by Purecloud57:53
20.Ocean Banshee (Extended Mix)by Purecloud56:38
21.Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)by Purecloud56:31
22.Trance II0IVII (Original Mix)by Purecloud56:21
23.TRTH (Original Mix)by Purecloud56:31
24.Drops (Original Mix)by Simon Ice5:41
25.Hero (Original Mix)by Purecloud56:24
26.Evening Shore Marine (Original Mix)by Simon Ice5:40
27.Moth (Original Mix)by Simon Ice6:08
28.Rocky Inlet (Original Mix)by Simon Ice6:34
29.Reflection (Original Mix)by SkyPilot5:08
30.Ticket In The Summer (Original Mix)by Simon Ice6:00
31.Through Life (Original Mix)by Simon Ice6:24
32.Destination (Original Mix)by TOA8:07
33.Energy (Original Mix)by Purecloud55:15
34.Destiny (Ya&kei Remix)by Purecloud57:29
35.Baynara (Extended Mix)by Purecloud56:10