Trance Superstars, Vol. 05 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trance Superstars, Vol. 05by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:55:37


1.Memories (Chris Voro's Totall Recallby Chris Oblivion7:16
2.The Rising (Zaa Remix)by Crimson6:48
3.Origin (Re:locate Remix)by Ehren Stowers8:11
4.Agava (Original Mix)by Purple Stories6:53
5.Kilimanjaro (Flexrev 'uplift' Mix)by Moonsouls9:12
6.Argentum (Chris Melton Remix)by Ost & Meyer6:48
7.Love To You (Original Mix)by Nuera7:32
8.Run Away (Mustafa Turker Pres. DJ Darq Remix)by Halosphere8:15
9.Massive (Fabio Xb Reworkby Bartlett Bros.6:37
10.The Myst (Solid Sleep Mix)by Talla 2XLC7:55
11.Across Borders (Original Mix)by Rene Dale7:36
12.Far Cry (Original Mix)by Jady Synthman0:02
13.In State Of Trance (Original Mix)by Blue Sense7:40
14.In A Lifetime (Paul Ercossa Remix)by Tucandeo6:59
15.Home (Director's Cutby Eddie Bitar6:07
16.On The Edge (Souhail Semlali Remix)by Sou Kanai7:01
17.Memories (Danny Chen Remix)by Flashtech7:17
18.Mustang (Original Mix)by M.D.K7:40
19.Winter's Sun (Original Mix)by James Kitcher7:35
20.Minus Degrees (Darren Porter Remix)by Dgoh6:46
21.Sequence (Doublev Remix)by Pizz@dox6:19
22.I'm Missing You (Ahmed Romel Dub Remix)by Ronny K.9:29
23.Expectations (Original Mix)by Cintra6:00
24.Bomberman (Original Mix)by Tigran Oganezov6:14
25.The Playroom (Original Mix)by Maria Healy7:25