Trancemaster 4007 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trancemaster 4007by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:37:11


Disk #1

1.I Need You (dub mix) (vs. Fedo)by José Amnesia6:19
2.Dark Side of the Moon (Viframa remix) (vs. Bastian)by Ernesto8:23
3.Electro Classicby DJ Tatana6:21
4.Celestial (Joc Pres. Mannix remix)by Brisky7:31
5.Reaching Your Soulby System F7:04
6.Melodica (original mix) (presents Holla)by Will Holland6:34
7.Blend Forty-3 (Luke Chable remix)by Steve May8:40
8.Adrenalineby Purple Haze8:03
9.Confirmation (vs. Nyram)by Fred Baker8:33
10.Per Aspera Ad Astrumby Trance Brothers4:19
11.Beautiful Dawn (Dumonde dub remix)by Nelka6:32

Disk #2

1.Widescreen (original mix)by First & André8:54
2.City of Moving Waters (Robert Gitelman remix)by Dynni8:05
3.Luana (original mix) (meets Mike Foyle)by Filo & Peri8:02
4.Let You Go (presents The Aviator)by Dave 2023:41
5.Sunset (Ron Van Den Beuken remix)by Ron van den Beuken8:42
6.Highwayby DJ Tatana7:51
7.Unity (Midor Six4eight mix) (vs. 2XLC) (and Six4Eight)by M.I.D.O.R.6:26
8.Sidewinder (Arc in the Sky version)by Stoneface & Terminal4:13
9.Sincere (Smith & Pledger 2005 remix)by Firewall6:37
10.Around in Circles, Part Twoby Marcos8:11
11.Abyss (and Powerface)by Dave 2028:10

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