Trancemaster 5005 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trancemaster 5005by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:03:17


Disk #1

1.Social Suicide (original mix)by Carl B7:51
2.Breathe (Alex Morph vs. Woody Van Eyden remix)by DT8 Project6:31
3.Harmonic (Trancemaster 5005 version)by Signum7:56
4.Exotica (Paul Mendez Red Hot remix) (and Zero 3)by Paul Mendez6:51
5.26 Hours (Trancemaster 5005 version)by Deep Voices7:11
6.Mirakel (original mix)by JPL8:31
7.Lost Control (Manuel Le Saux remix)by Steve Allen6:27
8.World Gone Mad (Dan Stone remix) (vs. Kaymak)by Mannix6:48
9.Palermo Stone (original mix)by TGL8:12
10.Synergy (Trancemaster 5005 version)by Joshua Cunningham8:19
11.Symbols (Kimito Lopez remix)by Fictivison6:49

Disk #2

1.Cumulus (original)by Nitrous Oxide8:39
2.Atlantic (original)by Mark Edeson8:24
3.A Life Elsewhere (Martin Roth Psy remix)by Lost World9:44
4.High Definition (Digital Nature mix)by Renovatio8:04
5.Tomorrow Never Comesby DT8 Project9:21
6.Eclidian Axiomby Northern Project8:16
7.Call the Galaxy Taxi (Martin Roth's Nu Syle mix)by Plastic Angel7:35
8.Compromizeby Trevor McLachlan6:56
9.Emanationby Ali Wilson7:27
10.Aquilon (original mix)by Evgeny Bardyuzha6:26

Disk #3

1.House of Muzik (Ian Betts remix)by Sly One6:52
2.The Fall (Matti Kotala remix) (meets Static Blue)by Icone7:54
3.Soul Cure (original mix)by Kamil Polner7:41
4.Touched by an Angelby Northern Project6:32
5.Prophecy (Se. Ra. Phic remix)by Wolf7:46
6.State of Mindby Mystery Islands7:04
7.Cursedby Carl B7:41
8.Sjamaanby Myth8:29
9.Another You, Another Me (original mix) (vs. Gareth Emery)by Lange7:07
10.Amnesia 2006 (Martin Roth remix)by Alex Bartlett7:03
11.Nothing's Slaveby Planisphere6:50

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