Tribulation (Plationum Edition) mp3 Artist Compilation by Don Carlos

Tribulation (Plationum Edition)by Don Carlos

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:40:49


2.Jonnie Big Mouth3:54
3.Money and Woman2:52
4.Lazer Beam3:34
5.Ababa John (Father Majesty)3:22
6.Just Groove With Me3:09
7.Booming Ball3:24
9.Sweet Africa3:41
10.Spread Out3:37
11.Stop Fussing & Fighting3:16
12.Back Way With Your Mix Up2:53
13.Too Late to Turn Back Now4:18
14.Rivers of Babylon3:26
15.Better Must Come3:43
16.Back Weh3:04
17.Money & Woman (Remix)2:58
18.Tribulation Remix3:11
19.Booming Ball (Remix)3:24
20.Better Must Come Remix3:40
21.Laser Dub3:38
22.Two Things In Life Dub2:58
23.Rub A Dub6:36
24.Johnny Dub3:49
25.Real Dub3:33
26.Tribulation Dub3:11
27.Booming Ball Dub3:32
28.Mix Up Dub3:01
29.Tribulation Dub Mix3:10