Tuning Hits Lounge by Various Artists

Tuning Hits Lounge

by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:42


1.With Youby Oscar Salguero5:04
2.Snake Dance (feat. Mandana Jafari)by M. Vitoria7:11
3.Hallowed Ground (feat. Xan) (Ambient Mix)by Javah4:06
4.Achtung Babyby Oscar Salguero3:22
5.Foo Doora (feat. Buran B) (Baraka Remix)by Noel Gitman4:58
6.Supaloopaby Oscar Salguero3:40
7.Dreamby M. Vitoria6:45
8.Let Me Be Close to Youby Oscar Salguero5:02
9.London Ascensionby Hollow Earth6:13
10.The Moon Is Watching Usby Oscar Salguero3:54
11.Time Soundtrackby Oscar Salguero4:09
12.Do Me Favorby M. Vitoria6:41
13.Shoreby Oscar Salguero1:20
14.They Need Youby Oscar Salguero5:33
15.How Long Can I Waitby M. Vitoria5:50
16.City Nightsby Oscar Salguero4:22
17.Meditation Tranceby Oscar Salguero4:08
18.Sunshine Delightby Relaxea7:19
19.Om Mani Padme Humby Oscar Salguero3:16
20.Infinity Chilloutby Oscar Salguero6:23
21.Love Devotion Surrenderby M. Vitoria5:04
22.Lost Islandby Oscar Salguero5:08
23.Chillout Nightby Oscar Salguero5:30
24.Chill in Out (feat. Jam Box)by M. Vitoria4:49
25.Cool Worldby Oscar Salguero4:50
26.Sponge Loungeby Oscar Salguero4:42
27.Didgeridoo Danceby Oscar Salguero4:43
28.Spainby M. Vitoria3:29
29.Nadiaby Oscar Salguero6:04
30.Inca Adventureby Oscar Salguero4:47
31.Duff Pangby Oscar Salguero4:02
32.Call It Loveby M. Vitoria6:10
33.Andaluciaby Paco Flores5:32
34.Setareh (feat. Mandana Jafari)by M. Vitoria4:03
35.Night and Dayby Oscar Salguero4:18
36.Generationby Ola K Ase3:22
37.Power of the New Generationby Oscar Salguero3:22
38.The Islandby O'Quinn3:38
39.Boss a Novaby Oscar Salguero3:29
40.Empty Streetsby Avalona5:20
41.On the Beachby M. Vitoria5:31
42.Stringsby Oscar Salguero3:58
43.Empty Roomby dubstep4:14
44.Shakra Naomby M. Vitoria5:57
45.We Have to Go Backby Oscar Salguero3:27
46.One Directionby Oscar Salguero3:54
47.Sunrise With You (Chill Out Mix)by Bluesolar4:05
48.Antigravity (feat. Eva Kade) (Lounge Remix)by Alexander Zhakulin5:26
49.Piece of Heaven (Ballad Mix)by Akira3:05
50.Reason (Pop Mix)by Diamond3:27