U30 Chillout Lounge Vol 1 (Smooth Sounds 2 Relax) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

U30 Chillout Lounge Vol 1 (Smooth Sounds 2 Relax)by Various Artists

  • 13 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:14:32


1.So Free (Vocalchill Mix)by Emotional5:29
2.My Lovin (Short Vocal Mix)by Patrick Marsh Vs Michael Steep4:03
3.Wherever I Go (Beautiful Mix)by The Man Behind C5:46
4.The Reason (Vocal Mix)by Skindive Inc5:24
5.Leave It All Behind (Vocal Mix)by Orange Music Feat Mirjam6:29
6.Faded Tears (Tribal Break Mix)by Desert Tunes5:09
7.The Unknown (21 Pm Mix)by The Sgs Project Feat Alex G5:54
8.The Bridge (Pure Feeling Mix)by Emotional4:53
9.The First Dreamer (Brass Lounge Mix)by Noise Boyz6:26
10.So Close To Me (Jazzomatic Mix)by Orange Music Feat Mirjam5:48
11.Jumeira Drive (Highway Mix)by Manoa6:28
12.Heavenly (Cloud 11 Mix)by Frank Borell5:30
13.When Da Sun Is Gone (Relaxation Mix)by Jason Tyrello7:13