Ultimate Lounge Top100 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ultimate Lounge Top100by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:10:17


Disk #1

1.Just One Dayby Water Feat. Fay Lofski3:28
2.Never Be The Same Againby Markus Schulz2:45
3.Keep Our Ringby Sunlounger1:26
4.Beautifull (Glimpse Of Heaven)by DJ Shah Feat. Jan Johnston2:58
5.For Your Pleasureby Monte La Rue2:07
6.What You Gotta Doby Floris2:48
7.Composite Fiveby Lounge Conjunction2:39
8.In My Mindby Water3:12
9.Hometownby Gillespie2:21
10.Kumba Lilaby Vince2:51
11.Dimancheby Faberge3:00
12.7 Diamandsby Jurr & Roussia3:58
13.Sweet Tasteby Collective Sound Members3:58
14.Kind Of Coolby Gare Du Nord3:52
15.No Goodbyeby Water2:17
16.One More Dayby Floris3:41
17.Obliqueby Gillespie3:57
18.Think About Meby Tom Urleena3:33
19.A Concert In The Cloudsby Jan Vayne1:33
20.Mi Propria Vidaby Tevlon4:30
21.Dream Flightby Erik De Koning4:27
22.That 'ol Styleby Jimmy Jazz2:03
23.Patience, Not Vengeanceby Askhkahn2:52
24.Hand-Cart Pullerby Praful3:19
25.Thrill Me Againby Floris3:40

Disk #2

1.Look Aroundby Adani & Wolf ft. Billie Godfrey4:55
2.Why Are You Nervousby Rose2:43
3.Dreamsby Bonicha2:44
4.The Problemby Alan Luna4:39
5.Mr. Suitcaseby Jurr1:51
6.Reason To Forgiveby Kirsty Hawkshaw mts. Tenisia2:41
7.We Areby Floris2:38
8.TillThe Sky Falls Downby Dash Berlin3:36
9.Eyesby Lounge Conjunction3:34
10.Crawlingby Sunlounger3:15
11.While She Keeps Me Waitingby Ashkan3:17
12.Good Time Girlby Liquinova & Subject 13 ft. Dez3:00
13.The Chips Fallby PrafulLet3:25
14.Evolutionby Water3:33
15.Purple Day (Water Rmx)by Water2:37
16.Springby S.W.Holy3:04
17.Sunrise Surpriseby Stefania Dipierro ft. Water1:50
18.Soilby Da Vince3:06
19.You And I (Dj Maestro Rmx)by Floris2:29
20.Temple Of Dreamsby Future Freeze4:54
21.Touchdownby Monte La Rue1:50
22.The Lightby Adani & Wolf ft. NeobeOnto3:57
23.Pablo's Bluesby Gare Du Nord3:27
24.Le Rastaby Jurr ft. Barbara Power2:49
25.Magic Occasionby Faberge2:00

Disk #3

1.Poetry, With A Twist Of Lemonby Ashkan2:55
2.Another Day On The Terraceby Sunlounger3:09
3.Quicksandby Bissen pres. The Crossover3:46
4.Day Afterby Floris3:59
5.Cognacby Collective Sound Members2:59
6.Lufteby Da Vince2:04
7.Don't Be Lateby Faberge2:13
8.Wings Of Santa Luciaby Adani & Wolf2:52
9.Sweet Lullabiesby S.W.4:39
10.People Come, People Goby Arnej2:48
11.Daily Musicby Omega 34:17
12.Janeiroby Soid Sessions2:55
13.That's What You Areby Marshall Curtley2:53
14.1000 Islandsby Monte La Rue2:59
15.Evolby Tevlon3:37
16.Egyptby Water4:38
17.Unfinished Businessby Lounge Conjunction3:35
18.Troubled Soulby Lamai4:00
19.The Sun 'll Shineby Ohmna3:00
20.Fantasyby Hardsoul2:23
21.Bombayby Out Of Character1:46
22.Eternityby Praful1:16
23.Summertimeby Jurr & Roelove ft. Wendy Lewis3:28
24.Hold Meby Water & Fay Lovsky2:36
25.Who Will Find Meby Dj Shah ft. Adrina Thorpe3:09

Disk #4

1.Shipwreckedby Mike Foyle4:39
2.2000 - Belle Du Jourby Project2:52
3.Toched By The Sunby Envio2:18
4.Moonliteby Monte La Rue4:00
5.Babylonby Jimmy Jazz3:01
6.Tranquilityby Mark Otten3:05
7.Laments Of The Lostby Jan Vayne3:55
8.Out There (5th Dimension)by Masters & Nickson ft. Suissa2:45
9.Spiralby Robert Nickson2:42
10.Color My Pantsby Tom Urleena3:50
11.Gloomby Monte La Rue2:26
12.Nothing To Itby Floris ft. Rose2:45
13.My Computerby Water2:38
14.Sloopby Da Vince2:55
15.Silent Blueby Omega 3 ft. Sharp Q2:35
16.No One In This Worldby Neobi. Adani & Wolf3:37
17.Inspiracaoby Praful2:32
18.Cocktailby Lounge Conjuction ft. Vinnie4:39
19.La Passion De Gozarby Hardsoul2:35
20.Araby Water ft. Stefania D Pierro2:18
21.Nights Of Pleasureby Collective Sound Members4:39
22.White Sandby Sunlounger2:19
23.Risingby Leo Traumen2:41
24.Cancao Da Manhaby S.W. ft. Tyrah Morena2:38
25.For Youby Ashkahn2:48