Underground Psy-Trance Anthems, Volume 05 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Underground Psy-Trance Anthems, Volume 05by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:58:18


1.Psychedelic Journey (Original Mix)by Lost In Space8:12
2.My Psy Head (Original Mix)by Drous6:44
3.My Battery (Original Mix)by DJ Improvisator6:02
4.The Heart of Africa (Original Mix) (vs. Riddix & Vibeatz)by Indian Vibe6:43
5.Troy (Original Mix)by Itakam6:38
6.Bhajan (Original Mix) (and Black 21)by Perfect Wave7:24
7.Reprogram Test (Original Mix)by Animus Voxx6:14
8.Wonderland (Original Mix)by ManMachine7:37
9.Solo Drive (Original Mix)by Dolev6:14
10.Altered (Original Mix)by PFTD & ZQRM7:07
11.Other World (Original Mix)by Imagine Mars7:15
12.Foundation Of A Track (Original Mix)by Altered State7:58
13.Tapestone Effect (Original Mix)by Detun'd7:10
14.Nuke (Original Mix)by Jiser & Zoetropes7:53
15.Dark Attraction (Original Mix)by Avalien7:55
16.Dramatix (Original Mix) (and Fractal Impulse)by Shacom Delia7:30
17.Open Gates (Original Mix)by Jona7:08
18.Psychedelic Afterlife (Original Mix)by Dr. House7:12
19.Essence Of Reality (Original Mix)by Infinx6:42
20.Infinity (Original Mix)by SUBMERSIVE6:33
21.Back Then (Original Mix)by PSXSGA6:39
22.Et Objectives (Original Mix)by Coral7:22
23.Crimson Constellations (Original Mix)by Genepool8:13
24.Cell (Original Mix)by NX-Trance7:18
25.Super Speed (Original Mix) (and Gnostic Sound)by Kessler6:35

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