Universal Frequencies, Vol. 4.0 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Universal Frequencies, Vol. 4.0by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:03


1.Infraredby Atacama8:07
2.Back To Heaven (vs. Benson)by CoExist6:45
3.We are Godsby Genetrick7:54
4.Kidding Meby Artsense7:03
5.The Truth (Aho Remix)by NitroDrop7:36
6.Lost Gravity (Atacama Remix)by Liquid Soul8:42
7.Another Spiritby Maitika8:07
8.Tokyo Teleportby StarLab7:39
9.Artificial Mindby Tristate8:41
10.Chemicalsby AudioFire7:33
11.Just Another Freak (Vertical Mode Remix)by Sonic Species7:17
12.The World Around Youby Helber Gun7:39
13.Tomorrow Lasts Foreverby Relativ8:54
14.Explosionby Mental Control7:47
15.Kerosene (and Middle Mode)by Djantrix7:30
16.Hypnotic Worldby Reversed Logic8:17
17.Shiva Sunrise (Djantrix Remix)by Laughing Buddha7:21
18.Tumbleweed (Djantrix & Spirit Architect Remix) (and Burn In Noise)by Dickster7:07
19.Axioms of Changeby Imaginarium6:27
20.In the Garden of Music (Manmademan Remix) (and D-echo Project)by Gnomes of Kush6:37