Universal Frequencies, Vol. 7.0 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Universal Frequencies, Vol. 7.0by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:32:14


1.Slow Wake (Original Mix)by Atacama8:17
2.Mind Of God Original Mix) (and Genetrick)by Tristate8:07
3.Deep Ocean (Original Mix)by Jakaan7:40
4.The Maze (Original Mix)by Genetrick8:00
5.Source Code (Atacama Remix) (and Protonica)by Tristate8:07
6.Liquid Connective (Original Mix) (and Divination)by Sonic Species8:14
7.Beyond Zero and One (Original Mix)by Phoma7:39
8.Cyborgs (Original Mix) (and Aioaska)by Tristate7:53
9.Alignment (Original Mix) (and Out of Range)by Starlab7:40
10.Final Frontier (Original Mix) (and Hypnocoustics)by Relativ7:57
11.3 Seconds (Original Mix) (and STRANGE BLOTTER)by Maitika7:53
12.Chemistry (Original Mix)by Middle Mode6:18
13.One Psy Nation (Original Mix)by Lunatica8:13
14.Ground Zero (Original Mix) (and Faders)by Relativ8:11
15.Synthetic Memories (Original Mix) (and Spirit Architect)by Djantrix7:17
16.Orb (Original Mix) (and Spinal Fusion)by Middle Mode7:00
17.Human Experience (Original Mix) (vs. Hypnocoustics & Mystic)by Freak Control7:07
18.Calling Your Future (Original Mix) (and Lunatica)by Djantrix6:48
19.Misfits (Original Mix) (and Shivatree)by Imaginarium7:16
20.Chase The Spark (Original Mix)by Lunatica6:37