Unsung mp3 Album by Imani Coppola

Unsungby Imani Coppola

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:25:03


1.Black and White Jingle #12:19
2.Raindrops from the Sun3:35
4.Legend of a Cowgirl3:49
5.The Same Pain3:46
6.This is My Chicken0:12
7.In a Room2:19
8.Oprah Winfrey3:02
9.Facetime Continuum2:56
10.Over It3:17
11.Cheating on You with Me3:24
13.I Am a Tree3:35
14.These Days4:04
15.Arati Ni Naru3:46
16.The Future4:23
17.All Across the World3:19
18.Haters Club3:03
20.Just Feels Good3:38
21.Move to the Beat2:45
22.13 Perfect Days3:55
23.Mac and Gov't Cheese (Previously Unreleased)2:56
24.Got out of Jail Free (Previously Unreleased)3:16
25.Organ Chaos (Previously Unreleased)3:08
26.Score! (Previously Unreleased)2:40
27.The King (Previously Unreleased)1:54

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