Uplifting Trance Top 50 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Uplifting Trance Top 50by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:55:29


1.Love You Are Made Of (Extended Mix) (feat. Susana)by James Dymond7:37
2.Angry Skies (James Dymond Extended Mix)by Maria Nayler7:17
3.Without You (Dan Stone Remix) (feat. Neev Kennedy)by Allen & Envy7:08
4.Sky Is On Fire (Kaimo K Remix) (feat. Jess Morgan)by Sneijder8:30
5.North Pole (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)by Solid Globe6:48
6.Jaehaerys (Extended Mix) (feat. Aylin)by Adam Ellis7:54
7.Re-Given (Extended Mix) (feat. Jess Morgan)by Steve Allen5:37
8.Baihu (Extended Mix) (and Pitch)by XiJaro7:05
9.Network In Heaven (Extended Mix)by Metta & Glyde7:47
10.Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O'Callaghan Extended) (feat. Carol Lee)by The Doppler Effect7:09
11.Find The Sun (Solarstone Extended Mix) (feat. Moya Brennan)by Raz Nitzan7:03
12.Delphi (Extended Mix)by F.G. Noise8:58
13.Love Again (Original Mix) (feat. Katty Heath)by ReOrder6:38
14.Future FunLand (Remastering 2014) (and Perpetuous Dreamer)by Armin van Buuren8:05
15.Meraviglia (Extended Mix)by Baco6:15
16.Fly Away (Allen Watts Remix) (feat. Victoria Shersick)by Jak Aggas6:08
17.The Remedy (Extended Mix) (and Patrick Dreama)by Steve Allen6:40
18.Megalith (Extended Mix)by Leroy Moreno6:23
19.Loinnir (Extended Mix)by Strabo6:41
20.Built To Last (Ferry Tayle Remix) (and ReLocate feat. Carol Lee)by Robert Nickson6:57
21.The World '99 (Lange Remix) (Remastering 2014)by Pulp Victim7:18
22.The Deep Divine (Gareth Emery Remix) (and Ana Criado)by Ronski Speed8:28
23.Spark (Extended Mix)by Kaimo K7:11
24.Trinket (Extended Mix) (and Amir Hussain)by Steve Allen6:40
25.Captured By Gravity (Omar Sherif Extended Mix) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Aurosonic7:30
26.Running On Empty (Club Mix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Richard Durand7:31
27.Struggled In Vain (Extended Mix)by Charles Tsai8:04
28.No Inbetween (John O'Callaghan Remix) (feat. Naama Hillman)by Talla 2XLC8:16
29.Black Diamond (Original Mix) (feat. Kate Louise Smith)by Stargazers6:10
30.Ares (Extended Mix)by Nikolauss6:03
31.Carousel (Extended Mix)by Patrick Dreama5:30
32.Hurt Of Intention (Ferry Corsten Extended Fix) (feat. Rebekka Thenu)by Mind One7:16
33.13 Ways To Save The World (Extended Mix)by 4 Strings5:38
34.Turn It Around (HyperPhysics Extended Mix) (feat. Amelie Mae)by Trance Classics6:58
35.At The End Of Every Journey (Jorn van Deynhoven Extended Vocal Mix)by Sarah Lynn7:35
36.How Will I Know (Daniel Kandi & Dennis Pedersen Extended) (feat. Ana Criado)by Adrian & Raz7:37
37.Love All The Pain Away (Kyau & Albert Remix) (feat. Julie Scott)by Ronski Speed7:14
38.Ultraviolet (Extended Mix)by UDM6:26
39.Lighthouse (Alan Wyse Extended Mix)by Elles De Graaf7:08
40.To Another Day (Original Mix) (feat. Susana)by UCast6:41
41.The Perfect Storm (Extended Mix) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Stargazers6:40
42.Love Sublime (Stargazers Extended Mix) (feat. Katty Heath)by Stoneface & Terminal6:46
43.What Makes Your Heart Beat (Club Mix) (feat. Fenna Day)by Adam Ellis8:14
44.Initium (Factor B Remix) (and Robert Nickson)by Re:Locate8:35
45.Find Myself In Losing You (Original Mix) (feat. Ellie Lawson)by Alan Morris6:44
46.In The Air (Driftmoon Remix) (and Stereo Code)by Eximinds5:08
47.The Sound of Goodbye (Above & Beyond Extended) (and Perpetuous Dreamer)by Armin van Buuren7:16
48.Rubii No Sora (Extended Mix)by Jason Reign7:49
49.Tahiti (Extended Mix)by Dark Fusion5:48
50.Till The Sky Falls Down (Extended Mix) (and Esmee Bor Stotijn)by Trance Classics8:35

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