UST VOL 01 mp3 Album by Hess & Franzen
  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:51


1.Ignorance Is A Blessing3:22
3.The Cat Is Out Of The Bag2:49
4.We Are Not The Only Game In Town3:02
5.Height Of Arrogance2:22
6.In Our Orbit3:58
7.Strangers In The Sky3:55
8.A Nice Place Called Earth3:01
9.Fear Of The Developer3:04
10.Death Blow3:30
11.2 Billion In The First Minutes3:02
13.Let's Go! Move!3:06
14.Asymmetric Warfare3:05
15.Forget Lasers And Robots3:01
16.Their Weapons Are Our Own Bodies5:32
17.Thunder Well4:27
18.42 Miles Per Second Plate2:46