Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine / Is This Earths Last Century? mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine / Is This Earths Last Century?by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:24


1.Theby Alienation Mental1:19
2.Under Pressureby Alienation Mental2:50
3.Industrial Poem Of Next Milleniumby Alienation Mental2:21
4.Metal Of Alien Nationsby Alienation Mental4:26
5.Abnormal Idea Get Of Myselfby Alienation Mental3:21
6.Autogrindby Alienation Mental3:54
7.Big GodRaped Souls (Fear Factory Cover)by Alienation Mental2:19
8.Corporeal Jigsore Quandary (Carcass Cover)by Alienation Mental3:42
9.Cartoon Violenceby Malignant Tumour1:26
10.Shit Heil!by Malignant Tumour0:30
11.Animal As A Presentby Malignant Tumour1:14
12.Grind Core Godby Malignant Tumour1:12
13.Bad Coreby Malignant Tumour1:33
14.Friendly Indolenceby Malignant Tumour0:54
15.Industrial Intelectby Malignant Tumour0:54
16.Paradoxby Malignant Tumour1:19
17.Instant Girlsby Malignant Tumour1:19
18.Razor Sharp Daggers (Agathocles Cover)by Malignant Tumour0:44
19.Nut Shitby Malignant Tumour1:19
20.Boss Felationby Malignant Tumour1:02
21.Fuck The Nato!by Malignant Tumour1:27
22.Nature Warning / Human Extinctionby Malignant Tumour0:47
23.We're Missing A Libertyby Malignant Tumour1:18
24.Animal Abuseby Malignant Tumour1:18
25.Why Animal Rights?by Malignant Tumour1:16
26.Blast Of Euphoryby Malignant Tumour2:40