Volume Ten mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Volume Tenby Various Artists

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:52


1.Deep Blue Breathby A.R. Kane5:31
2.Second Language (demo)by Disco Inferno4:45
3.Naked Freak Shadowby Scarce3:17
4.To See the Lightsby Gene2:28
5.Might as Well Be Dumboby The High Llamas4:53
6.Joyriders (New version)by Pulp3:32
7.Cream Bun (acoustic version)by Tiny Monroe3:50
8.Fakeby Echobelly3:12
9.They Don't Knowby Gigolo Aunts2:43
10.Tinkerbellby Lush3:17
11.You Don'tby Tricky4:42
12.Come Dancingby Credit To The Nation4:37
13.La Bohemeby Loop Guru5:29
14.Khanby Transglobal Underground6:55
15.Revolvalutionby Transcendental Love Machine4:07
16.Tikkyby Insides5:20
17.The Sweetest Placeby Oracle5:45
18.Daughterby Peter Perrett's The One4:29