Voyage (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Voyage

Voyage (Special Edition)by Voyage

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:41


Disk #1

1.From East To West7:07
2.Point Zero4:35
3.Orient Express5:31
4.Scotch Machine3:26
5.Bayou Village1:47
6.Latin Odyssey4:46
7.Lady America6:54
8.Souvenirs (Instrumental)6:15
9.Tahiti, Tahiti (Instrumental)5:01
10.Eastern Trip (Instrumental)1:58
11.Kechak Fantasy (Instrumental)2:57
12.From East To West (Instrumental)2:44
13.Scotch Machine (Instrumental)3:21
14.Bayou Village (Instrumental)1:48
15.Latin Odyssey (Instrumental)3:58
16.Orient Express (Instrumental)2:59

Disk #2

1.From East To West (12' Mix)5:55
2.From East To West (Special Extended Version)7:10
3.From East To West (7' Mix)4:04
4.From East To West (7' Edit)3:27
5.From East To West (Us Club Mix)7:40
6.From East To West (Guitar Mix)6:41
7.From East To West (Extended Instrumental Version)6:41
8.Lady America (12' Mix)6:49
9.Lady America (7' Mix)4:06
10.Scotch Machine (7' Mix)3:23
11.Point Zero (7' Mix)4:37
12.Please Love Me Again (12' Mix)6:24
13.Please Love Me Again (7' Mix)2:54
14.West Coast Drive (12' Mix)4:45
15.West Coast Drive (7' Mix)2:58

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