Waste ’Em All mp3 Album by Municipal Waste

Waste ’Em Allby Municipal Waste

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 18:05


1.The Executioner (intro)1:13
2.Sweet Attack1:00
3.Mutants of War1:01
4.Knife Fight0:53
5.Drunk as Shit1:01
6.Death Prank0:13
7.Substitute Creature1:04
8.Waste ’Em All1:33
9.Toxic Revolution1:54
10.I Want to Kill the President0:19
11.Thrash?! Don't Mind If I Do0:59
12.Dropped Out0:48
13.Blood Hunger1:12
14.Jock Pit1:18
15.The Mountain Wizard1:27