Water Garden (The Way to the Light) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Water Garden (The Way to the Light)by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:14:47


1.In a Silent Moment (Original Version)by C.A.T.1:08
2.Earth Core (Original Mix)by Ganga4:31
3.Beautiful Soul (Original Mix)by Lazy Hammock6:27
4.At the Creek (Original Mix)by Masan5:20
5.Singing Tambura (Original Version)by CA3RD5:52
6.Green Lemon (Ambient Mix)by Jessy Z.5:49
7.Slightly Breeze (Original Mix)by Krystian Shek2:18
8.To the Moon (Original Mix)by Robert Own5:02
9.Zubenelakrab (Original Mix)by Karmanalia4:44
10.Lyra Shakti (Original Mix)by Ensemble Ethnique3:57
11.Sacred Ram (Original Mix)by Vision Ten3:14
12.The Prayer (Original Mix)by Maja Suara3:29
13.Buddah Wears Headphones (Original Mix)by Life Audience5:20
14.Yedi (Original Mix)by Orientation3:42
15.The Signs (Original Mix)by Graham5:51
16.Aldhafera (Original Mix)by Kamal Kiran3:49
17.Return of the Nightingale (Original Mix)by Bahramji11:02
18.November (Original Mix)by Jason Miller4:06
19.The Process of Continuity of Lifeby Montecristo2:07
20.Astral Fluctuating Garden (Original Mix)by Phonokinetics5:22
21.Deep Space (Original Mix)by George Blossom3:08
22.Going Nowhere (Ambient Mix)by Tera M.5:12
23.Music for Inner Space (Original Mix)by Pure Relaxation3:42
24.Inner Energy (Original Mix)by Tai Tung4:07
25.Kumbh Mela (Original Mix)by Yantra Mantra4:21
26.Svadhyaya (Original Mix)by Sharada1:58
27.I Miss You (Original Mix)by Digital Rain7:34
28.Tongli Water Garden (Original Mix)by Red Buddha7:23
29.Calm Down with Stairwayby The Maldive Lovers2:12
30.Reverence and Prayerby Phaser2:00