We Bring You a King With a Head of Gold: Dark Britannica II by Various Artists

We Bring You a King With a Head of Gold: Dark Britannica II

by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:25:57


Disk #1

1.Earthen Keyby Barron Brady3:43
2.Little Drummer Boy / Anvilby Laienda5:53
3.Blood and Bones (Ciderdelica mix)by The Rowan Amber Mill4:50
4.The Devilby Tony Wakeford3:58
5.Englandby Kate Harrison3:59
6.The Hooden Horse / An-droby Drohne3:37
7.The Cutty Wrenby Corncrow3:09
8.I Shall Leave You Thereby Sproatly Smith6:10
9.Black Sarahby Tinkerscuss4:48
10.Hear It With My Heartby Cernunnos Rising3:29
11.The Fool of Springby Mama2:11
12.Green Manby Magicfolk3:17
13.Lost at Ty Canolby Wyrdstone4:14
14.Devon Dreamby Emil Brynge4:54
15.Lords and Ladiesby Kim Thompsett3:40
16.Always Be Oursby Dragon Spirit3:57
17.Jack the Mommet (and Natasha Tranter)by Philip Butler4:48
18.Ancient Landscapesby Touch the Earth3:17

Disk #2

1.Ye Mariners Allby Relig Oran4:37
2.Within Hollowsby Autumn Grieve4:56
3.Searching for Lambsby Ian McKone3:10
4.Manningham Bluesby John Parker3:55
5.The Tyburn Sistersby Rattlebag2:52
6.The Song of the Fatesby The Fates3:31
7.The Three Ravensby The Hare and the Moon2:45
8.Lynxby The Kittiwakes4:10
9.Robin Sick and Wearyby Venereum Arvum6:25
10.Fithfathby Telling the Bees3:18
11.The Wind Knowsby Richard Masters5:33
12.Mother Carey's Chicksby Demdyke6:18
13.Oh Earthly Manby Beneath The Oak4:12
14.A Wee Brown Cowby Sedayne : Sundog6:24
15.The Swan and the Minotaur (Troubled Man)by Ruby Throat3:14
16.Ribbons of Green / The Dream Waltz (live)by Jennifer Crook6:43