We Came to Wreck Everything mp3 Album by Ludovico Technique

We Came to Wreck Everythingby Ludovico Technique

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:11


1.Dead Inside (DYM)4:44
2.Then I Found You (Shiv-R)4:29
3.Wired for Destruction (Cryogen Second)3:37
4.Dead Inside (Aesthetic Perfection)4:54
5.Potential (Ludovico Technique)5:57
6.Memory (The Anger Machine)5:42
7.Wired for Destruction (God Module)4:46
8.Heal My Scars (E-Craft)4:45
9.Wasting (Vein Collector)6:00
10.Wired for Destruction (Rodney Anonymous)4:17