Weedian: Trip to Australia mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Weedian: Trip to Australiaby Various Artists

  • 59 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:44:32


1.Follow the Holy Riffby Hobo Magic6:44
2.Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mphby The Marlboro Men4:45
3.Shroom Doomby Holy Serpent5:18
4.Serpentby Sleeping Giant4:18
5.Blue Cobraby Smoke Witch2:18
6.Green Lakeby Planet of the 8s5:51
7.Lost in Spaceby Rollerball3:25
8.Pickabarby Dr. Colossus4:07
9.Ceremony of the Skullby Arrowhead4:54
10.La Brownby Duneeater7:22
11.Rockin' Courseby Thumlock3:10
12.Break Off Your Shellsby Khan3:25
13.The Dreamer's Burning Doorby Pseudo Mind Hive4:25
14.Langolierby Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows4:19
15.Push the Buttonby Riff Fist7:33
16.900 Mile Head Rushby Frozen Planet....196910:31
17.Thunder Caveby Foot7:31
18.Fertile Crescentby DROID6:44
19.Island 3by Hypergiant7:24
20.Lung Beersby Apollo809:03
21.Slothby Lucifungus4:37
22.30 Million Light Yearsby Seedy Jeezus6:41
23.One Way Throughby The Black Heart Death Cult5:16
24.Axis Mundiby Comacozer13:40
25.Acid Rainby AVER5:10
26.The Delugeby Giant Dwarf6:16
27.Depth Dwellerby Fumarole4:27
28.The Void Tempestby Vessel7:46
29.Preacher Manby Full Tone Generator7:39
30.The Great Levelerby King Cig4:21
31.Break the Machineby Elbrus7:53
32.Rabbitby Turtle Skull4:01
33.The Electric Dunes of Titanby Motherslug2:24
34.Seven Sorcerersby Potion8:59
35.A Little Bitby The Balls5:05
36.Peyote Sunriseby Robot God8:22
37.Hypnoticaby Devil Electric6:26
38.Desert Waysby MONARCHUS4:23
39.Witchsmokerby King Zog5:59
40.Voyage, Pt. 2by Golden Sunbird8:23
41.Come Homeby Oceanlord7:42
42.Black Cloud (Part II)by EarthOmen4:55
43.Down to the Starsby El Colosso5:33
44.Chase the Sunby Kitchen Witch4:00
45.Black Widowby The Ugly Kings3:54
46.The Spectre That Loes Withinby Mammon's Throne8:06
47.Smoke & Mirrorsby Twin Serpents5:05
48.Wantingby DAWN5:25
49.Goat Shamanby Goat Shaman6:27
50.I've Been Watching Youby The Dirty Earth4:49
51.Horror From Spaceby AstroFuzz5:50
52.Om Tathagataby Sumeru4:32
53.Shadowsby Amammoth7:39
54.Valhallaby Dirty Pagans4:39
55.Leviathan Risingby Astrodeath4:41
56.Children of the Sun IIby Velvet Elevator2:25
57.Gargantuaby Ohm Rune5:45
58.Bitter Pillby Mountains of Madness6:00
59.Thronesby Mountain Wizard Death Cult6:10