Weedian: Trip to France mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Weedian: Trip to Franceby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:45:37


1.Black Marble Houseby The Necromancers5:45
2.Airavataby Jagannatha6:06
3.Collectorby Mars Red Sky4:16
4.The Oldest Man on the Leftby Domadora13:19
5.Citadel on a Satelliteby Slift10:08
6.Smoke of the Pastby Bright Curse10:45
7.Earth, Weed & Fireby Dead Acid People7:11
8.Groovosaurby Jurassic Leaf6:43
9.A1by Fuzzcrafter5:08
10.Lords of the Flameby Huata7:36
11.Doppelganger Sunby Deadly Vipers4:05
12.Monkey's Labby Stone From the Sky4:48
13.Lady Sallyby Witchthroat Serpent5:40
14.Queen of Soundby Electric Mistress3:18
15.Lands of Fieldsby Lowtone9:15
16.Sirensby Mantras11:33
17.Death Touch Wizardby Dunerider8:19
18.Faithless Goddessby Praÿ11:55
19.Cult of Occultby Cult of Occult10:13
20.Covendoomby Witchfinder9:38
21.Old Manby Alconaut5:23
22.Lone Warriorby Monas6:35
23.Azazelby Occult Hand Order9:44
24.Lunaby Hermit's Weedsom9:02
25.Styxby Supertzar9:41
26.Minosby Dahuz7:10
27.Dark and Gloomyby Starmonger6:39
28.Stay Cleanby Stonebirds7:01
29.Necronomiconby Keziah Mason11:46
30.Symphony of Tentaclesby ÖfÖ Am3:09
31.In Your Faceby Goatfather4:22
32.Choking Heatby Blew Waffle4:35
33.Head of Medusaby Qilin10:48
34.Cracutaby Birds of Nazca8:02
35.Herbal Noiseby Hadewijch18:51
36.Voices of the Deadby Conviction6:51
37.Black Phillipby Hyde6:40
38.Black Riverby Black Bile6:23
39.Reincarnationby Appalooza5:35
40.Hitman Le Cobraby High On Wheels5:46
41.Over Gaiaby Wormsand4:32
42.Come to Troubleby Deathbell9:36
43.Ozymandiasby PAMPS! Les Pamplemousses Éthyliques17:26
44.Eternal Absurd Cycleweby Orbis5:50
45.Megachurchby Mazzeri13:32
46.A Reason to Cry, to Despair and to Prayby Witchgrove9:03
47.Downfallby Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel7:10
48.Stand Byby MAD ACT10:54
49.DarkLightby Darkroom8:29
50.Green Fireby Tremor Ama9:21

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