Weedian: Trip to Germany mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Weedian: Trip to Germanyby Various Artists

  • 59 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:09:15


1.Second Birthby Samsara Blues Experiment10:59
2.Pain Powerby Beehoover6:22
3.Truemmerby Mother Engine5:49
4.All Our Thoughtsby Kadavar4:38
5.Prophetsby Paralyzed7:01
6.Liquid Sunby The Spacelords13:03
7.Shivaby My Sleeping Karma5:20
8.Freude IIIby Colour Haze7:03
9.At the Mountains of Madnessby Mountain Witch7:19
10.Brain Eatersby Electric Moon19:10
11.Black Moonby Mount Hush4:41
12.Alaskaby Swan Valley Heights9:09
13.Holzbockby Electric Orange7:35
14.Youby Kalamata7:05
15.Marchby Pyramid8:15
16.Leitplankeby Kosmodrom4:03
17.Bazaarby Camel Driver11:38
18.Streetfoodby Van Groover4:00
19.Dead Spaceby Mindcrawler6:55
20.If Crimson Was My Towerby Goat Explosion7:52
21.Hunted Manby Godsground4:35
22.Black Lightby KUVALAYA3:50
23.Nexusby Elara Sunstreak Band17:11
24.Cryptic Faithby Vvlva6:41
25.Heliosby Hammada9:32
26.VUGby VUG4:15
27.Brain Utopiaby Deaf Proof14:20
28.Oak Leavesby Zeremony5:05
29.Dealer McDopeby Sula Bassana5:09
30.Kozmik Koonby Zone Six11:03
31.Dope Witchby Crypt Witch10:06
32.Stormby Stargo5:12
33.The Smell of El Jadida (Suck Me In)by Lightning Mushrooms7:03
34.Furry Loveby Fuzziebär5:17
35.Cries From the Hiddenby Hyne8:50
36.Hydraby Redscale5:22
37.Mars Red Skyby Eternal Engine7:42
38.The Hunterby Mount Atlas6:12
39.Barracudaby Korsunnuz4:01
40.Three Cats in a Rowby Sleeping Child3:49
41.Goddamn Highby Earthbong15:43
42.Gaiaby Ursular10:00
43.Ghost in the Machineby Alligator Rodeo5:52
44.Gardens of Marrakeshby The Strange Seeds6:40
45.Burnin' Berlinby Black Magic Tree2:47
46.Forestby Scorched Oak9:37
47.Twisted Knifeby Black Vulpine4:31
48.Bon Apocalypsoby Wight7:11
49.Cutby Suzi Cream Cheese3:24
50.Avalancheby Iron & Stone5:10
51.Smoke Filled Skyby Earth Ship4:45
52.Alternaby Grin2:19
53.Loadedby Dune Pilot5:02
54.Creepy Little Birdby Amorf7:17
55.Nebulæby Inspired by Illusions8:58
56.The Monolithby Cosmic Void7:56
57.Roadrunner (feat. Mädelsabend)by Slam Elephant5:38
58.And Thorns Shall Come Upby Black Stone Wielder3:44
59.Voluminalby Cannabineros9:29