Weedian: Trip to Switzerland mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Weedian: Trip to Switzerlandby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:03:39


1.Cold Sleepby Son Cesano6:47
2.South Is the New Westby Hey Satan3:29
3.Black Ritualby Mystic Sons8:08
4.Drown the Witnessby Carson6:47
5.Tentaclesby Rataxes8:48
6.Through the Desertby Monkey36:57
7.Opiate the Sunby E-L-R12:06
8.Smoke Ceremonyby Stoneforge6:21
9.The Barbarianby Six Months of Sun3:34
10.The Citadelby Cosmosonic3:47
11.Reversalby Fomies3:54
12.More Doorsby Sobchak8:38
13.IIby Echolot12:36
14.Shield Wallby Wolf Counsel7:21
15.Chromophobiaby Leaden Fumes5:27
16.Beneath the Maskby Wizards of Wiznan8:49
17.Evil Schnapsby Marant3:31
18.The Devil and the Goddessby The Great Red Shark5:43
19.Contaminationby Skullpriest7:11
20.Dropus Deiby Addicthead4:28
21.Demotionby Shrooms Circle4:54
22.To Land Upon a Starby Dr. Haze & The Wise Lizardz8:16
23.Organic Sacrifaceby Dirty Sound Magnet3:48
24.Think for Yourselfby Blue Rumble6:14
25.Road Tripby Ephedra4:07
26.Forget November Rainby The Ghoast4:47
27.Heavy Planetby Lazerkaat5:15
28.Dishwasherby Midnight Deadbeats3:36
29.Interlude Iby Black Willows2:24
30.Silent Godsby Zatokrev13:09
31.Above the Bloodlineby Preamp Disaster5:16
32.Cosmic Triggerby Dead Shaman3:12
33.Paranoid Reptiloidby Sons of Morpheus4:38
34.Dark Country Feverby Midnight Karma4:13
35.Path of Deathby shEver12:46
36.Derailby No Mute5:49
37.Wooden Bonesby Velvet Two Stripes3:15
38.God's Original Sinby The Gods of Isando7:00
39.Dig My Soulby Black Market Cadillac3:14
40.Jupiter's Landscapeby Hellroom Projectors4:00
41.Ordovicianby WardHill4:54
42.Nuclearby Mount Kōya3:22
43.Black Dotted Rainby Ping Machines5:58
44.Satan's Armsby Zamarro3:29
45.The Callby Gora Mama5:35
46.Black Blizzardby The Crotals3:44
47.Proud and Brainlessby Simia Sapiens6:30
48.The Reverendby Snakedeath4:21
49.O Great One, O Truthful Oneby Orias9:15
50.IIby Kecske12:16