Withdrawal Symptoms mp3 Album by Fred Mika

Withdrawal Symptomsby Fred Mika

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:16


1.The Coming of Symptoms0:49
2.Wired In (feat. Carl Dixon)4:18
3.Artwork Nightmare (feat. Michael Voss)4:20
4.Sly Side Effect (feat. Haig Berberian)5:30
5.Silence in Heaven (feat. Andre Adonis)4:41
6.Saints Spirits Slave Sinners (feat. Rod Marenna)5:34
7.First Day Without You (feat. Daniel Vargas & Tito Falashi)6:04
9.Dawning of Aquarius (feat. Steph Honde)6:09
10.Second Skin Arena (feat. Mario Pastore)5:14
11.Miss Misery (feat. André Adonis)4:39