Wood II mp3 Album by Andy Samford
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:39


1.If We Wake Up2:33
2.Now I Will Explode Into A Million Things1:51
3.Love's Blissful Disguise2:16
4.Closer Than Before2:52
5.Soul Embrace2:49
6.Just One3:51
7.Listen And You Will Know Why1:36
8.Today Is Forever1:21
9.Forever Is Over2:17
10.You Won't Change Me5:01
11.Nothing Left2:11
12.Crumbled Into Dust4:22
13.Flyin' Around The Sun3:31
14.Into Another Land4:52
15.The One You See1:39
16.The Only Truth Inside Of You2:39
18.Supposed To Be1:38
19.Shine On Everyone3:24
20.Light As A Feather3:24