World Crisis mp3 Album by The Twinkle Brothers
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:45


1.Declaration of Rights3:55
2.Declaration of Rights Version4:00
3.African Blood4:00
4.African Blood Version4:00
5.Liars, Teefs and Murderers4:00
6.Liars, Teefs and Murderers Version4:00
7.Struggle for Survival3:05
8.Struggle for Survival Version3:05
9.World Crisis3:40
10.World Crisis Version3:40
11.Nothing to Be Ashamed Of4:00
12.Nothing to Be Ashamed Of Version3:50
13.If You Wand Good3:50
14.If You Wand Good Version3:55
15.Falling in Love Again3:55
16.Falling in Love Again Version3:50