World of Madness mp3 Album by The Enigma TNG
  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:56:26


1.New Age Warzone5:13
2.Alice VS Anastasia4:44
3.Heavy Grind4:59
4.Giger Effect5:59
5.Black Hole Legion5:26
6.Insanity Syndrome4:36
7.Nebula Jam6:18
8.Catacombs of Paris4:15
9.Kathedral (Remix)5:24
10.Death Dealer4:57
11.Closer To The Void4:07
12.Black Heart Malice4:04
13.A Dying Race4:43
14.The Industrial God6:30
15.Castle Reaper4:40
16.Freaks & Machines5:22
17.Anastasia Madness4:55
18.Revenge of Alice6:13
19.The Machine In Me6:58
20.Gamers Doom4:49
21.Wars of Power6:03
22.Cult 1016:11