Wow! (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Bananarama

Wow! (Deluxe Edition)by Bananarama

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:37:42


Disk #1

1.I Can't Help It3:31
2.I Heard a Rumour3:25
3.Some Girls4:20
4.Love in the First Degree3:32
5.Once in a Lifetime4:06
6.Strike It Rich3:29
7.Bad for Me3:38
8.Come Back3:40
9.Nathan Jones5:35
10.I Want You Back3:52
11.Clean Cut Boy (party size)4:44
12.Mr. Sleaze4:50
14.Amnesia (12" extended version)6:27
15.I Heard a Rumour (horoscope mix)5:59
16.Love in the First Degree (jailers mix with intro)6:20
17.I Can't Help It (extended club mix)8:04

Disk #2

1.Love in the First Degree (love in the house mix)8:34
2.I Heard a Rumour (house mix)7:23
3.I Can't Help It (the Hammond version excursion)6:34
4.Reason for Living (12" Master)6:09
5.Some Girls (12" version)5:47
6.Strike It Rich (12" version)6:00
7.I Heard a Rumour (original 12" mix)7:07
8.Nathan Jones (original 12" mix)5:46
9.I Want You Back (original 12" mix)7:19
10.Ecstasy (Chicago house stylee)5:58
11.I Heard a Rumour (dub)5:19
12.Mr. Sleaze (rare groove 12" remix)6:02