Your Thought Dont Count mp3 Album by Cuete Yeska

Your Thought Dont Countby Cuete Yeska

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:51


1.Intro (ft. Chino Grande)0:31
2.Your Thoughts Don't Count3:15
3.Dead On Every Channel2:50
5.Lower The Casket (ft. Opie The Animal)3:33
6.Insomnia (ft. Lil Uno)3:51
7.You're Gonna Die (ft. Opie The Animal)2:49
8.Die (ft. Looney Tunes)3:41
9.Gangster (Remix) (ft. Conejo & Juan Gotti)4:09
10.Walking Nightmare3:58
11.Mi Vida Loca4:11
12.Raw (ft. Chino Grande)3:03
13.Trust No Bitch (ft. Opie The Animal)4:06
14.Puddle Of Blood (ft. Opie The Animal)2:38
15.Run Up (ft. Opie The Animal)2:35
16.Understand Me4:27