Zombieland: Double tap mp3 Soundtrack by Dave Sardy

Zombieland: Double tapby Dave Sardy

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:37


1.Main Title Transitionby Dave Sardy0:34
2.Blackfoot Bloodby Dave Sardy0:53
3.Courthouse Lawnby Dave Sardy1:01
4.Bad Newsby Dave Sardy2:19
5.Zombie Kill of the Weekby Dave Sardy0:28
6.Hearing Noisesby Dave Sardy0:43
7.Wichita Apologizesby Dave Sardy0:40
8.Wichita Worriesby Dave Sardy0:46
9.Hawking Ninjaby Dave Sardy1:12
10.Real Turning Pointby Dave Sardy0:33
11.On the Roadby Dave Sardy0:27
12.RV Attackby Dave Sardy3:55
13.You're Kinda Meanby Dave Sardy0:37
14.Biting the Bulletby Dave Sardy0:20
15.Little Rock is Goneby Dave Sardy0:24
16.Seppukuby Dave Sardy0:17
17.Finding the RVby Dave Sardy0:53
18.Seppuku Vanby Dave Sardy0:42
19.Madison Gets Sickby Dave Sardy1:23
20.Of Mice and Madisonby Dave Sardy1:25
21.Car Talk Gracelandingby Dave Sardy2:04
22.Meet Nevadaby Dave Sardy1:54
23.Al Roker Attacksby Dave Sardy0:37
24.Zombies Follow Little Rock and Berkeleyby Dave Sardy0:09
25.The Boltsby Dave Sardy0:44
26.Little Rock and Berkeley Find Babylonby Dave Sardy0:21
27.T800 Fightby Dave Sardy1:22
28.Doppelgänger Fightby Dave Sardy3:20
29.Zombie Kill of the Yearby Dave Sardy0:04
30.Tallahassee Can't Driveby Dave Sardy0:31
31.Tallahassee and Nevada Say Goodbyeby Dave Sardy0:34
32.Back to the Minivanby Dave Sardy0:28
33.Call of the Buffalo Tallahassee's Goodbyeby Dave Sardy2:02
34.Tallahassee Returnsby Dave Sardy1:33
35.Arriving at Babylonby Dave Sardy0:38
36.Tallahassee Sees T800'sby Dave Sardy0:30
37.Tallahassees's Battle Plan and Prepby Dave Sardy3:05
38.Stragglersby Dave Sardy1:04
39.BFD Crushesby Dave Sardy1:47
40.Run to the Stairsby Dave Sardy0:56
41.The Great Zombie Jumpby Dave Sardy2:39
42.Platform Proposalby Dave Sardy1:49
43.Outro Songby Dave Sardy0:52
44.Heading Homeby Dave Sardy0:49
45.Burning Love [Woody Harrelson]by Dave Sardy3:13