Top tracks

Where the Devil Spokefrom Behexen / Satanic Warmaster4:42
Mouth of Leviathanfrom Behexen / Satanic Warmaster6:34
By the Blessing of Satanfrom By the Blessing of Satan4:25
Watchers of My Black Templefrom By the Blessing of Satan8:26
Baphomet's Call...from Rituale Satanum5:37
Intro / The Summoningfrom Rituale Satanum1:07
Blessed Be the Darknessfrom Rituale Satanum4:21
Rituale Satanumfrom Rituale Satanum3:59
The Flames of the Blasphemerfrom Rituale Satanum5:43
Night of the Blasphemyfrom Rituale Satanum4:45