Top tracks

Hard Time Killing Floor Bluesfrom O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Deluxe Edition)2:44
Hard Time Killing Floor Bluesfrom Back To Mine: Lamb (The Voodoo Sessions)2:36
American Man (In The Key Of Free)from Hotel Voodoo4:21
Voodoo Child (On Hell's Highway)from Hotel Voodoo4:03
Rock and Roll Conjurerfrom Hotel Voodoo4:36
Les Bleus Was Born In Louisianafrom Hotel Voodoo2:59
Someone Like Youfrom Hotel Voodoo6:06
Friday Night Bleufrom Hotel Voodoo4:14
Don't Want Me Aroundfrom Bona Fide4:10
These Blues Gon' Tell My Storyfrom Bona Fide4:22

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